November 12, 2010

A Brief Update

On October 31st we celebrated the first year we've moved into our new house! Yay! It's hard to believe that it's been a year already. We've made some necessary improvements and had many opportunities to fellowship which have all been sweet! God has blessed us abundantly over the past year that we've dwelled here.

Moriah is learning the U.S. Presidents (and the States and addition). Out of the 44 that we've had as a nation she now knows more than half of them! Her memory is amazing. It's really funny too. Obama is in the dollar store book that we bought and Jeramy and I have taught her well. When she gets to Obama she says, "That's Obama. He's a communist. He's bad." It's funny not just for her words but her emphasis too! She will have her third birthday on November 26th! We plan to celebrate it at Grandma and Grand Daddy Andersons after our Thanksgiving meal with a Disney Princess party.

Lily has learned to count to 20 about as good as Moriah can, because Moriah is her teacher. One through 10 is perfect and 12 through 15 is a little mottled. She has graduated out of her crib into a twin sized bed on the floor. And she has a booster seat to eat at the table. Our little Lily is growing up. She has peed in the potty several times, but nothing consistent yet. She will be two years old on January 4th, the day after Grand Daddy Dennis' birthday.

Shiphrah is still so cute and chubby cuddly. She will be three months old on the 17th. Much of her early gas issues have been under control for some time so that now she is much more able to sit in her bouncy seat and swing whereas she couldn't before. Her sleeping is not a whole lot better, but still very inconsistent, but I put her down earlier so that I can get to the gym before the other family members wake up.

I'll post some pictures soon, stay tuned.

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