February 27, 2010

Saturday Strings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

with a little bit of pride I am glad to present to you,

John H. Jackson

Piedmont Blues Guitarist

performing a Rag in C

This man is my Grandpa, my Dad's Father. I heard this tune all the time, literally, growing up. These are my roots. See his other stuff on YouTube and my earlier post about him.

February 25, 2010

Just An Update

Moriah is getting in her two year molars and her day potty training is complete. It has been quite a while since she's had an accident. I put a diaper on her at night and during her nap times. Oftentimes she will wake from her nap still dry. When it becomes more consistent, then I think we will go for the sleep time training and definitely by the time she's three years old.

Moriah has started saying, "Oh my goodness." :-) I'm not too sure from whom she picked this up but I think it's cute. She's always telling people that she falls down the stairs. Now it's become more comical. She climbs in and out of her big new bed like a champion and hasn't fallen out once, thanks to the rails.

For the past several weeks, Moriah has had time-outs for whining. We think this has been pretty effective, at least when others give her care. It is also good for the parent's morale too. :-)

Lily has finally gotten a molar in her little mouth to poke through. She was a little irritable for a few days, but then returned to her normal contented self. She has started running (or walking really fast) through the house and is definitely comfortable moving around on her own two feet. She still eats really, really well and has finally past the 20 lb. mark by a few ounces. We will wait until we buy another car seat before we turn her around to face forward.

Lily has started to help with a few chores around the house. She is able to help load the dryer with small items of laundry. She also helps to clean up her toys at the end of the day. Sometimes I think she likes to make a deposit in order to take out a debit: she'll put a toy in and take another out. :-)

Lily is learning to use a spoon and plate and can bring the food up to her mouth without losing any. She's been sleeping really well and that makes everyone happy. She hasn't seemed to require as much discipline yet, but when it's warranted, she gets what's needed although it's not very often.

Her smile lights up the room and she loves to run around naked with Moriah after her bath. Both girls run in circles in their bedroom squealing and tumbling on the floor while I get their clothes ready. I'm so glad that they love to play together and have fun together. I have a lot of joy watching them love on each other and get along.

The new baby seems to be doing well. Before and after the surgery tomorrow they will listen to the baby's heart beat. Currently I'm 15 weeks. The doctors and nurses at the OB/GYN's office are not alarmed and continue to do their best efforts at relieving my anxiety about the peculiar Rh sensitization and explaining me through all the questions I've posed to them. Thanks for all your concern, thoughts and prayers.

Studio News: Lessons Continue

During the two-week recovery period after carpal tunnel surgery Friday, 26 February, regular lessons are still ongoing. Unless you receive direct contact from me, plan on attending your regularly scheduled lessons through March 12th and following. For questions or concerns you may email me at


Thank you.

February 24, 2010

Hot Deal on Grapes

Today I bought grapes at ALDI for $0.99/lb. Red and green seedless grapes come in 2 lb. cartons for $1.98! I bought one of each. :-)

The price on grapes recently has been very high ($2.00/lb or more). If you love grapes, check out the stores now.

Yesterday Wal-Mart was $1.78/lb. I saw a flyer for Ingles where they advertised $1.29/lb.

A Psalm & A Song

My heart overflows with a good theme;

I address my verses to the King;

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

You are fairer than the sons of men;

Grace is poured upon Your lips;

Therefore God has blessed You forever.

Gird Your sword on Your thigh, O Mighty One,

In Your splendor and Your majesty!

And in Your majesty ride on victoriously,

For the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness;

Let Your right hand teach You awesome things.

Your arrows are sharp;

The peoples fall under You;

Your arrows are in the heart of the King's enemies.

Your throne, O God, is forever and ever;

A scepter of uprightness is the scepter of Your kingdom.

You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness;

Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You

With the oil of joy above Your fellows.

All Your garments are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia;

Out of ivory palaces stringed instruments have made You glad.

Kings' daughters are among Your noble ladies;

At Your right hand stands the queen in gold from Ophir.

Listen, O daughter, give attention and incline your ear:

Forget your people and your father's house;

Then the King will desire your beauty.

Because He is your Lord, bow down to Him.

The daughter of Tyre will come with a gift;

The rich among the people will seek your favor.

The King's daughter is all glorious within;

Her clothing is interwoven with gold.

She will be led to the King in embroidered work;

The virgins, her companions who follow her,

Will be brought to You.

They will be led forth with gladness and rejoicing;

They will enter into the King's palace.

In place of your fathers will be your sons;

You shall make them princes in all the earth.

I will cause Your name to be remembered in all generations;

Therefore the peoples will give You thanks forever and ever.

Psalm 45

Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned

Words by Samuel Stennett, 1787

Majestic sweetness sits enthroned

Upon the Savior's brow;

His head with radiant glories crowned,

His lips with grace o'erflow;

His lips with grace o'erflow.

Survey the beauties of His face,

And on His glories dwell;

Think of the wonders of His grace,

And all His triumphs tell,

And all His triumphs tell.

No mortal can with Him compare

Among the sons of men;

Fairer is He than all the fair

Who fill the heav'nly train,

Who fill the heav'nly train.

He saw me plunged in deep distress

And flew to my relief;

For me He bore the shameful cross

And carried all my grief,

And carried all my grief.

His hand a thousand blessings pours

Upon my guilty head:

His presence gilds my darkest hours,

And guards my sleeping bed,

And guards my sleeping bed.

To Him I owe my life and breath

And all the joys I have;

He makes me triumph over death

And saves me from the grave,

And saves me from the grave.

Since from His bounty I receive

Such proofs of love divine,

Had I a thousand hearts to give,

Lord, they should all be Thine,

Lord, they should all be Thine.

See the full version here.

February 22, 2010

Do Many Parents Envy Their Children?

This may seem like a bizarre question, "Where is this coming from?"

Think about it: how many parents try to give their children experiences they never had in their own upbringing?

For my mother, she wanted me to have a safe home with material comforts she never had. She wanted me to have the education she never had and probably other things that I may not now know of. She grew up in a large family with 5 siblings and an alcoholic father, not knowing from day to day how much food would be on the table for dinner that night. Well, she achieved her purpose in this regard: my father was not at all abusive, we had plenty of food to go around and I went to college and grad school.

And the cycle continues into the next generation. For my daughters I desire that they have a (1) physically and emotionally involved father, (2) a solid Christian home, (3) siblings, (4) discipline and teaching that direct them always to the Word and God's desire of us, and (5) that they would have a knowledge, desire and equipment towards Biblical Womanhood. So far, the first through the third are covered and the others will come with time as they grow.

As parents, the responsibility to raise our children rest on our shoulders. But I feel a faint sense of envy, because I had none of these things growing up - and I wish so much that I had. Perhaps I would be less selfish, self-centered, more equipped for this task of stay-at-home mothering, and, perhaps first of all, be a better example of Christ to them. But it's never good to wonder, "what if . . .?" We can't change the past. Live for Christ today, as though it were the last day. . . . Another day, another opportunity . . .

February 21, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Give thanks to the LORD with the lyre;
Sing praises to Him with a harp of ten strings.

Psalm 33:2

276. Afternoon naps
277. Grapes
278. Chicken enchiladas & black beans
279. That despite any circumstances, It Is Well with My Soul
280. That Christ has taken all of my sin guilt and none remains for me to bear.
281. The hope for relief from carpal tunnel
282. The volunteers to help during recovery
283. Lord willing, a short recovery
284. The absence of anxiety regarding the surgery
285. Smiles & hugs shared between sisters in Christ

A Cause for Concern

The results from the first routine blood work for this pregnancy indicated that there was a weak antibody reaction in my blood. The doctor said that they would repeat the test and he believed that since it was weak that it wouldn't show up again. I asked him why this was a cause for alarm and he explained it to me, but I still left the office puzzled.

When the test was repeated, the weak antibody response was still present. When the nurse called to tell me this information, I asked her the significance of this response. She told me that it could interfere with future pregnancies, but that since I was so far along in this one, that there was no cause for alarm and it would not cause a miscarriage. She also told me that I would be tested again 2 or 3 times more during this pregnancy for the reaction.

After the prompting of a friend who always prefers to be informed, I did a little research on WebMD and found this informative article. It turns out that the cause could be that the baby's blood has mixed with my own outside of the uterus. This is an excerpt of what alarmed me most:

If a pregnant woman with Rh-negative blood has a baby (fetus) with Rh-positive blood, Rh sensitization may occur. The baby may have Rh-positive blood if the father has Rh-positive blood. Rh sensitization happens when the baby's blood mixes with the mother's blood during pregnancy or delivery. This causes the mother's immune system to make antibodies against the baby's red blood cells in future pregnancies. This antibody response is called Rh sensitization and, depending on when it happens, can destroy the red blood cells of the baby before or after it is born. If sensitization happens, a fetus or newborn can develop mild to severe problems (called Rh disease or erythroblastosis fetalis). In rare cases, if Rh disease is not treated, the fetus or newborn may die.

Jeramy and I have the same blood type and we are not Rh negative. I will do my best not to get anxious about the possibility of losing this child, but I pray that this will in no way affect the his or her birth. Currently I'm 14 weeks. My carpal tunnel surgery is still a go.

February 20, 2010

Saturday Strings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sal Bonavita

performing the Spanish Ballad: Romance tremolo style on

Classical Guitar

I love classical guitar also, it's so enchanting.

February 19, 2010

Submission to Biblical Authority

When we come to God's Word, do we allow it to shape our opinions? Or do we allow our opinions to shape the way we interpret the Scripture?

Do we open The Holy Book with open hearts, waiting and eager for what God has spoken to us? Or do we look to justify our actions and opinions with misinterpreted passages?

Are we willing to change our minds and actions when we clearly understand what God has said and it's implications when our minds and hearts might first conflict with what is written there? That is why the world doesn't read the Bible except for a literary or philosophical exercise - they hate being confronted with the reality of their own sin.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.
Romans 12:2

God's not only interested in the conversion of my heart, will and actions, but the conversion of my mind also.

Do we humble ourselves to seek a Biblical interpretation by trustworthy pastors and scholars when a passage is difficult to understand? Even when a passage is easy to understand, are we willing to accept, by faith and obedience, what it teaches and repent?

I will say that my degree at Southern Seminary was in music performance not Theology. But theology is required (praise God!) for all degree coursework and you know that some things do rub off on you when you're in that kind of environment. One of the most important things I learned while I was there was that the Word, Living and Active, who is Christ, is above all things Lord of everything. To Him we owe our allegiance, first and foremost. And the Word is all that God has spoken to us - we need nothing more.

God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world.
Hebrews 1:1-2

I heard the DJ on the Christian radio station this morning allude to the words in red as though they were more important than the black ones. Christ is the Word - the whole Word. They are all important.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
John 1:1 & 14

How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord
Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word
What more can He say than to you He has said
To you, who for refuge to Jesus have fled?

What a great and glorious day it will be when all the children of God, adopted by the Father, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, obedient to the faith and kept by the grace of God, forsakers of lawlessness, will be united with Him in the heavens and we all will be of one heart and one mind in Christ Jesus! Having seen Him face to face, beholding the glory of His presence, will be purged of the presence of sin and all it's myriad of influences from worldly philosophy, heresy and misconception. We will be one in Him as Christ and the Father are One.

February 18, 2010

Sweet Moments

While I was preparing lunch today, between the clanging of pots and grinding of salt shakers, I could quietly make out Jeramy singing, "Jesus loves me, this I know . . . "

I look around for Moriah (Lily was taking a nap) and I find this scene in our den. :-)

. . . just rocking with Daddy.

February 17, 2010

Social Security

Here are some interesting history facts, most of which I didn't know. I didn't author this.

Social Security
These facts are easy to check out, if you don't believe it. We could all use a little history lesson on what's what and it doesn't matter whether you are Democrat or Republican.

Facts are Facts!!!

Our Social Security

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security (FICA) Program. He promised:

1.) That participation in the Program would be Completely voluntary,

No longer Voluntary

2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual Incomes into the Program,

Now 7.65%

3.) That the money the participants elected to put into the Program would be deductible from their income for tax purposes each year,

No longer tax deductible

4.) That the money the participants put into the independent 'Trust Fund' rather than into the general operating fund, and therefore, would only be used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program, and,

Under Johnson the money was moved to

The General Fund and Spent

5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

Under Clinton & Gore

Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed

Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving a Social Security check every month -- and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of the money we paid to the Federal government to 'put away' -- you may be interested in the following:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the independent 'Trust Fund' and put it into the general fund so that Congress could spend it?

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the democratically controlled House and Senate.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --

Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?

A: The Democratic Party.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----

Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social Security annuities?

A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the 'tie-breaking' deciding vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice President of the US

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

Q: Which Political Party decided to start giving annuity payments to immigrants?


A: That's right!

Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party. immigrants moved into this country, and at age 65, began to receive Social Security payments! The Democratic Party gave these payments to them, even though they never paid a dime into it!

------------ -- ------------ --------- ----- ------------ --------- ---------

Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away!

And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it!

If enough people read this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe changes will evolve. Maybe not, some Democrats are awfully sure of what isn't so.


A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
-Thomas Jefferson

February 16, 2010

Sex in the Pulpit

How's that for a provocative title? Dr. Al Mohler summarizes and comments on a statement from the Religious Institute in a blog post and this is a great excerpt I wanted to include here:

But evangelicals should consider our own responsibility in teaching about human sexuality. Far too many evangelical pastors teach virtually nothing about a biblical understanding of human sexuality. This leaves much of the Bible unpreached and a congregation woefully untaught. It is not enough to believe the right things about what the Bible teaches concerning sex and sexuality. It is necessary to affirm the Bible's truthfulness and authority in every dimension it addresses, but this is not enough. Congregations are filled with people who need a word from the Lord on this matter that is so central to human identity and so ubiquitous in our culture.

Our pews are filled with people worried about their sexuality, wondering how to understand these things, struggling with same-sex attractions, tempted to stray from their marriages, enticed by internet pornography, and wondering how to bring their sexuality under submission to Christ.

The Religious Institute wants liberal preachers to talk more about sex. My guess is that they will. But what about evangelical pastors? Where is the teaching about God's gift of sexuality and the glory of God in marriage? Where is the teaching about the Bible's grace in telling us what is sin? Where is the acknowledgment of human brokenness? Where is the honesty about the struggle to bring all things under submission to Christ? Where is the preaching about how the Gospel lays claim on every dimension of our lives? Where is the teaching about how sex relates to sanctification and holiness?

Evangelical Christians will rightly reject just about everything found in this new report from the Religious Institute, but they should not avoid its urgency in calling pastors and Christian leaders to teach and preach about sex and sexuality. It is not enough to know the truth and believe the truth, we are called to preach and teach the whole counsel of God -- and that includes all that God has to say about sex.

Note that the declaration by the Religious Institute is toward liberal pastors to erase all lines of discrimination especially concerning the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender folks and heartily argues for their inclusion within the church rolls. But to what Mohler says here about more teaching from the pulpit regarding a Biblical perspective on human sexuality I say a hearty, "Amen!" It is important for people of all ages to hear what God says on this issue and more often that just once or twice a year. Discretion may and could be used for children under a certain age, but, as one report from Planned Parenthood has stated, extensive sexuality education should be mandatory for children beginning at age ten. Let's start there.

I will say that the elders at our church, CCMA, don't shy away from difficult issues or passages but present them faithfully and in it's proper context with a right application for our current congregation. It's important that, perhaps in the future, we should include sermons about human sexuality when similar issues of marriage, family, parenting, home education and abortion arise.

February 15, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

256. My babies are home.
257. Running in the house.
258. Happy squeals.
259. Indiscriminate babble.
260. Smiles.
261. Squeezes.
262. Tickles & laughter.
263. Kisses.
264. Moriah's singing.
265. Bouncing curly hair.
266. "Sit me, Mommy?"
267. "Thank you."
268. Snow on my birthday!
269. Watching my neighbors build snowmen.
270. Safe driving in the snow.
271. Ribs, collards & potato salad
272. Lobster bisque
273. A new case & my Dad's guitar.
274. Battery-powered toys
275. A great love machine :-)

February 13, 2010

Saturday Strings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ms. Hilary Hahn

Performing and Commenting on J. S. Bach 6 Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin

She began playing at the age of 3 through the Suzuki program and made her soloist debut at the age of 12. She is now 31 years old. She has an impressive resume on Wikipedia. She's only two years older than me.

February 12, 2010

13 Weeks

and counting . . .

I'm not nearly as fatigued, but I still have a little nausea as of today.

Moriah and Lily are having a blast with Grandma Jane!
I hope she'll bring them back :-)
(I know she will.)

February 11, 2010

Missing My Babies

This morning I woke up with an unexpected feeling of appreciation for my family. I almost didn't want to see them go while I was preparing their bags and things for Statesboro. "Would anyone call me crazy if I just called it off?" It was hard to say goodbye.

My babies have been gone just a little more than an hour and I already miss them. The first thing I noticed was the quiet. All I can hear is the ticking of our kitchen clock, the furnace turning on and occasionally the ice maker on our refrigerator. I ate an apple and Moriah wasn't begging for a bite. No battery-powered toys, happy squeals or whining.

Maybe Saturday won't come soon enough. . . .

Staying home is such a joy. There are so many blessings of being able to do so. I get to watch them play together, take care of each other. I love to watch Moriah give Lily things - toys, kisses, hugs, teach her things. I love to watch Lily walk around and open a book talking to it like she's reading from it. I love to hear them laugh and squeal as they play together, running around naked after their bath.

But there's so much work. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, cooking, cleaning, bathing, clothing, changing, errands, discipline, time-outs . . . relentless . . . every day . . . never-ending. It can be so tiring and frustrating and often more than I have patience for. When you wake up still tired from all the previous days tasks, mentally and physically, you just want to give up - throw your hands up in the air and quit. You feel unappreciated. There's so much that you do and you feel like none of it gets noticed. You give and give and give of yourself all day and when you try and take just a little bit of time for yourself, for some reason, you're made to feel guilty about it, like you're selfish. I am selfish. I admit it. I'm an only child, besides just being a sinful human being. And because of all of this, often my focus easily shifts away from what should be my top priorities:

1. That my hope lies in Christ.
Not in a clean house. Not in perfectly behaved children. Not a completely appreciative, affectionate, compassionate, manly, mind-reading husband. My joy, peace, and satisfaction come from Christ, not a clean kitchen or clean children.

2. God has called me to this task and He gives grace for me to complete it.
A day of physical rest will come, but for now God grace is sufficient for the calling to be a wife and mother. My purpose is to help, care for and enjoy them.

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS." Matt 11:28-29

"My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness " 2 Cor 12:9

3. Follow the Psalmist.
Cry out to Christ for strength. Hope in His salvation. Seek His face. Relish in His righteousness. Worship His holiness. Marvel at His redemption. Wonder at His choice of unworthy me. Desire Him above all things. Let Christ be my Rock, Fortress and Refuge. Know that the yoke of bearing my own sin guilt is easy and light. Seek His grace when I am distressed. Don't give in to doubt and fear. Don't give up. And don't look anywhere else for sympathy and encouragement. There is no worldly wisdom available for workers of the Kingdom, Soldiers of Christ in Truth Arrayed.

February 10, 2010

Getting Ready

Tomorrow the girls are going down and meeting Grandma Jane in Macon for a few days in Statesboro! We're all a little excited! They will probably be worn out on Saturday when they come back. Moriah really loves her Grandma Jane and Granddaddy Dennis. I'll miss taking pictures, but I know they'll have a great time together and with Uncle Stephen. They also plan to visit Great Grandmama Gladys who is recovering from a knee replacement.

As for Jeramy, he's getting ready to drive them down and get back to another week of work and cooking some ribs and greens. Mmm, yummy.

And for me, I'm getting ready to say good-bye to nausea and hello to 29. I really hope that my stomach can return back to normal and I can welcome back our normal healthy regimen of food. My Mom is treating me to a professional massage and I'll have a couple days to relax, read and do some sewing, besides my normal workouts at the gym and worrying about my girls while they're away.

Friday I will be 13 weeks. My belly has really grown a lot this week and today I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. :-) Everything is going well apart from an antibody present in my blood work, which will probably clear up soon. The OB Doctor is really pleased thus far and so am I. :-)

February 8, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

246. Many abortionists are repenting (albeit not for Christ) here, here and here
247. Ultrasound technology
248. The law of God embedded within every human conscience
249. A big, fluffy, warm and comfy robe
250. A day free of unwanted regurgitation when it was anticipated
251. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a whole grain cereal (I never knew!)
252. Buffalo wings cheap on Game Day ($3.99/lb. @ Kroger)
253. Potty training success
254. Permanent solutions for unwanted attributes
255. Grace for my grind

February 6, 2010

Saturday Strings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Zuill Bailey

I've had the opportunity twice to meet him. The first time was during my tenure in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Youth Orchestras of Prince William County, VA (high school). All the girls fawned over him, I even got a picture with him. I tried to play it cool (no pun intended) and gave him compliments on his hair. I brushed with him again in college at a master class. No pictures. He's originally from the Woodbridge, VA area.

February 5, 2010

A Parenthetical Post

This past week I posted an article I read off of www.foxnews.com whereby an elementary school fight club was exposed. I gave this as another real reason why I wouldn't be putting my children in the public school system.

I also wrote some highly opinionated choice words about educators, assumed to work within this system, and how they continue to perpetuate this godless, immoral society. I haven't gotten any negative feedback from posting such comments, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt it necessary to follow up with the statement that I was speaking in generalities and not specifics.

When Jeramy and I were in public school there were very influential teachers who affected us - teachers with whom we still remain in regular contact. We have friends now, even in our church, who formerly or currently teach in the public school system. Does that make them any less of a believer? No, of course not. I have often wondered and even inquired into the ethical issues associated with such employment. The public school teachers with whom I've spoken have not indicated any such conviction or realization that an ethical issue existed. (So not only are the students unaware of the secular humanism in which government-instituted, government-sanctioned, government-approved curricula is being spoon-fed daily, year after year for 12-13 years, but the teachers aren't either.)

As I look back, the subjects in which most of the humanist thought was so obvious was in English Literature, History, Science, Physical Education and maybe Art classes. In all of my musical training, there could have been quite a bit of humanist thought to creep in but we never talked about the lives of the composers or the historical/philosophical times in which they lived. We only ever practiced orchestral pieces, learned to listen across the ensemble, follow the conductor, and basic instrumental/musical techniques.

Jeramy and I didn't really care much for our experience in the public school system. Since having graduated, we've never been in the same room with people our exact same age again. The only parts I really enjoyed were the orchestral experiences and managing the equipment for the football team. I think Jeramy only really enjoyed his time in the ROTC program. There was so much time wasted during the day, so much busy-work that amounted to nothing, unnecessary social pressures, danger, drugs, sex, gossip, fruitless and time-consuming homework, verbal and physical abuse from other students, etc.

Educators are people too. They need jobs, homes, food, etc. If it hadn't been for every one of my teachers teaching me something, I would not be the same as I am today. The one important distinction I want to make is that these educators, real men and women, do not make up the "system". They work in and for the system. It is the system of public education that fails to train every generation of children and young adults for real adult responsibilities. I learned nothing of basic economics, money management, none of the life skills that I need now, and especially nothing of feminine womanhood or any true Christian values. The public school system fueled the feminist agenda to obtain a higher education, the same pay-grade as men and in all other respects, to be found equal with men.

Public school teachers are real individuals with families and dreams and values all their own. But all public school teachers are teaching the same thing: secular humanism, feminism, and a wide host of other things to which Jeramy and I are personally against. I respect those individuals who go in, day in and day out with children and teenagers who constantly disrupt, use vulgar language, commit acts of indecency, bite, kick, gnaw, punch and otherwise abuse and disrespect these educators in their own classrooms who are providing a service to ungrateful hoards year after year.

The problem is that in this system, the disciplinary (read: sin) problems will only continue to get worse and worse because the fear of God is not allowed to be taught. His name cannot even be mentioned. I hate the system, but I do have some admiration for those who attempt to work within it and change young lives for the better - i.e. for Christ. But the system pushes out any semblance of Christ at all - that's the real problem.

February 4, 2010

Big Bed

My Mom bought the girls some bunk beds off of Craig's List! They are new and made mostly of real pine. Jeramy assembled them this past Tuesday and Moriah loves her new big bed! One is in the girls' room and the other is in the guest room until Lily is ready for it. Yay! Thanks Grandma Wanda!

February 3, 2010

Just Another Reason

not to put my children in public schools.

N.Y. Elementary School 'Fight Club' Uncovered by Student's Father - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

Every time I pass a yellow school bus, building, see license plates or bumper stickers that refer to public school educators, etc. I think about how so many children and young adults are forced to read, study and test on godless, secular humanism in all their subjects.

There was a bumper sticker I saw the other day that read:
"Educators make a difference."

Oh, yes, do they make a difference! They continue to perpetuate this godless, immoral, increasingly decadent society of God-haters through the government-approved curriculum. Read my notes of Voddie Baucham's Children of Caesar here to see why.

Public school education is a service the government provides to U.S. residents and it is something to be thankful for if you feel you have no other options. What I am critical of, as a believer, is the secular humanism on which the curricula is based, besides disciplinary/behavioral, oftentimes unethical behavior of the majority of students and teachers. Jeramy and I were both educated by the government public school system.

February 2, 2010

Cheesy Chicken

This is one of my favorite recipes! My mother-in-law makes this and it is easy and super tasty! It is pictured here with mixed veggies, stewed tomatoes and rice. You have to serve this entree with a lot of filling sides because it will be gone too quickly if you only make one or two. Enjoy!

Cooked chicken (about 1 1/2 cups best from the crockpot or roasted)
about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 - 8oz. can of crescent rolls
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 cup of milk (preferably whole)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Combine chicken and 1 cup of cheese in a bowl. Separate the crescent rolls into 8 triangles. Place a heaping ball of mixture on the dough and roll up the crescent around it. Set aside. Combine the soup, milk and remaining cheese in the bottom of a stoneware cookie sheet or glass casserole pan. Arrange the crescents on top of the soup mixture and bake for 20 - 30 minutes or until golden brown. It makes 8 stuffed cheesy chicken rolls.

I'm getting hungry already! :-)