February 25, 2010

Just An Update

Moriah is getting in her two year molars and her day potty training is complete. It has been quite a while since she's had an accident. I put a diaper on her at night and during her nap times. Oftentimes she will wake from her nap still dry. When it becomes more consistent, then I think we will go for the sleep time training and definitely by the time she's three years old.

Moriah has started saying, "Oh my goodness." :-) I'm not too sure from whom she picked this up but I think it's cute. She's always telling people that she falls down the stairs. Now it's become more comical. She climbs in and out of her big new bed like a champion and hasn't fallen out once, thanks to the rails.

For the past several weeks, Moriah has had time-outs for whining. We think this has been pretty effective, at least when others give her care. It is also good for the parent's morale too. :-)

Lily has finally gotten a molar in her little mouth to poke through. She was a little irritable for a few days, but then returned to her normal contented self. She has started running (or walking really fast) through the house and is definitely comfortable moving around on her own two feet. She still eats really, really well and has finally past the 20 lb. mark by a few ounces. We will wait until we buy another car seat before we turn her around to face forward.

Lily has started to help with a few chores around the house. She is able to help load the dryer with small items of laundry. She also helps to clean up her toys at the end of the day. Sometimes I think she likes to make a deposit in order to take out a debit: she'll put a toy in and take another out. :-)

Lily is learning to use a spoon and plate and can bring the food up to her mouth without losing any. She's been sleeping really well and that makes everyone happy. She hasn't seemed to require as much discipline yet, but when it's warranted, she gets what's needed although it's not very often.

Her smile lights up the room and she loves to run around naked with Moriah after her bath. Both girls run in circles in their bedroom squealing and tumbling on the floor while I get their clothes ready. I'm so glad that they love to play together and have fun together. I have a lot of joy watching them love on each other and get along.

The new baby seems to be doing well. Before and after the surgery tomorrow they will listen to the baby's heart beat. Currently I'm 15 weeks. The doctors and nurses at the OB/GYN's office are not alarmed and continue to do their best efforts at relieving my anxiety about the peculiar Rh sensitization and explaining me through all the questions I've posed to them. Thanks for all your concern, thoughts and prayers.

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Lydia said...

I think I remember Shirley Temple saying "Oh, my goo'ness".