February 3, 2010

Just Another Reason

not to put my children in public schools.

N.Y. Elementary School 'Fight Club' Uncovered by Student's Father - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

Every time I pass a yellow school bus, building, see license plates or bumper stickers that refer to public school educators, etc. I think about how so many children and young adults are forced to read, study and test on godless, secular humanism in all their subjects.

There was a bumper sticker I saw the other day that read:
"Educators make a difference."

Oh, yes, do they make a difference! They continue to perpetuate this godless, immoral, increasingly decadent society of God-haters through the government-approved curriculum. Read my notes of Voddie Baucham's Children of Caesar here to see why.

Public school education is a service the government provides to U.S. residents and it is something to be thankful for if you feel you have no other options. What I am critical of, as a believer, is the secular humanism on which the curricula is based, besides disciplinary/behavioral, oftentimes unethical behavior of the majority of students and teachers. Jeramy and I were both educated by the government public school system.

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Lisa said...

I love how Voddie Baucham explains the government school system. And I wholeheartedly agree.

Our children have not missed anything by not being in public school. Well, actually they have: they have missed humanistic teaching, abuse, drugs, limited interaction, poor curriculum, etc.

Lisa Q