May 17, 2012

The Writing On The Wall, But They Can't Read It

I heard about this story on talk radio and considered addressing it briefly here.  The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is given to public school students as are similar tests in other government schools across the nation.  The results showed that only 27% of fourth grade students passed the written portion.  The state of Florida reacts to this by lowering the passing grade!

Everyone knows that the government schools badly need improving, but everyone also believes that their local school ranks higher than the average school.  The government schools are primarily in the business of propagating a socialist agenda by training young people not to think critically, but to become an ignorant mob of factory workers that will push the socialist agenda forward.  These test scores are proof that reading, writing and arithmetic are not taught in the public school, but that there is a greater emphasis on something other than skills needed to lead a responsible life.  If everyone knows that the government schools are failing, why do they continue to allow them to "educate" their children?

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