September 18, 2012

Black Christians Waver Over Vote

THIS is a very interesting article.  It explains that black Christians are having a difficult time reconciling the upcoming vote because of Obama's new position on homosexuality and Romney's Mormonism.  They cannot in good faith vote for Obama while he supports homosexuality nor can they vote for Romney in good confidence because Mormonism has always been a racist cult.  So many black preachers are telling their congregants to stay home on election day.

As a Reformed black conservative Christian woman, I considered sharing my reactions to this article.  First I was amazed that black churches are so concerned about the problem of Obama's position on gay marriage conflicting with his claim of being a Christian, and yet are completely unconcerned about his position on abortion. His positions on financial stewardship (fiscal responsibility) or just war (righteous war) or any number of values are not consistent with an orthodox Biblical worldview. He is a communist who hates America's history, economic success, and worldwide influence.

Secondly I was amazed that black pastors are openly advocating certain political candidates without threats to remove their tax-exempt, non-profit status.  Pastors in Canada, and soon in the US, are threatened to remove this status by preaching that homosexuality is a sin, as the Bible teaches.  Many pastors are already feeling this heat.  Most of these black pastors advocate liberal Democratic politicians, so preaching politics from the pulpit (where most of their congregants vote according to their pastors) is okay.  You have got to love the hypocrisy from the liberal left.

Thirdly I considered the work of the Empowerment Network, "a national coalition of about 30 denominations working to register congregants and provide them with background on health care, the economy, education and other policy issues."  These policy issues are not the most important crises facing our nation now.  These polices are social issues, government programs.  They have nothing to do with the national debt or foreign relations.  These policies cater to the individual and do not reflect on the principal reasons why we have a federal government, namely national protection and economy.

Truthfully I don't fully agree with either candidate.  I would never vote for Obama because his claims of being a Christian and his policies are completely juxtaposed and he is a communist who hates economic freedom.  I hesitantly give my vote to Romney because I have issues with his Mormonism, but he is more conservative fiscally, he's a capitalist and he's a family man.  To vote for a third party will not put any man in office, so a vote for Romney is a vote against Obama.


The Culbertsons said...

Josh & I aren't sure we can vote for Romney either. We have recently had the chance to share the gospel with 2 Mormon missionaries and even had them for dinner on Friday night. After our encounter with them, we understand now that Mormon doctrine is very deceptive. Josh said on Sunday night, "If I had to vote tomorrow, I couldn't vote for Romney, because his core beliefs are deceptive." Romney was criticized repeatedly in the primaries for changing his position and saying whatever he needed to say in order to get elected. Because deception is such a big part of Mormonism, I think he wouldn't think twice about changing his position once he gets elected. It is definitely a decision we are wrestling with.

Meggan said...

Dianna, I totally agree. Deception is a major part of Islam also. I have reconciled voting for Romney because I look at how he has consistently been a business man and a family man. Even though I hate how he has changed his positions through his political career, I understand that a person's actions and lifestyles reveal what his or her core values are. His wife stayed home with 5 sons while the Obama family is feminist. The inconsistencies in both of these families in regards to their religious beliefs deter me and many others from fully supporting either candidate. (I'm sure others could say the same about me when I express sinful patterns and not the fruit of the Spirit.) But the American people are forced to look beyond religious claims and affiliations to determine which candidate is best for this difficult time we're facing: will America become the next communist state or return back to a free market economy? This election may be the most pivotal one during our lifetime. One that requires much prayer accompanied by a humble and contrite heart.