December 11, 2012

The Fifth Time in Seven Years

I'm now counting my calories again, for the 5th time in 6 and 1/2 years.  This method of dieting has historically been successful to the degree that I remain committed to exercise self-control.  Losing weight while nursing is very rapid after the birth, but after the first month, weight loss (for me) goes very slowly, if at all.  So I resort to calorie counting.  It is difficult to find the balance between eating enough to support the nursing while not eating too much so that weight loss occurs.  It is possible, but I usually get tired of the math involved before I finally reach my goal.

After Jeramy and I were engaged, I lost 35 lbs. by counting my calories in addition to exercising 6 times every week.  I had always been overweight my entire life and that was the first time I achieved a pant size in the single digits.  It was very thrilling.  And then . . . I got pregnant our first month of marriage.

After Moriah was born, as soon as I left the hospital, I attempted to resume regular exercise and calorie counting.  I had committed to have however many children God would give us and I was determined not to be 500 pounds because of all the pregnancies.  I knew that I needed to lose the weight before getting pregnant again, and based on how quickly we got pregnant the first time, I knew I didn't have long to wait before pregnancy #2.  I lost the weight really quickly, by the time Moriah was 3 months I lost 23 pounds, only 5 lbs. more than I was at our wedding.  Then . . . I got pregnant again when she was 4 months old.

After Lily was born, I waited a while longer before counting my calories.  But, likewise, I lost 45 pounds and achieved my pre-pregnancy weight.  I maintained this weight for a few months, and then I got pregnant again when Lily was 11 months old.

After Shiphrah was born, I think I lost most all the weight again, some 40 pounds or so, by counting my calories.  And now, 5 months after Joseph's birth, I'm at it again.  Since his birth I've lost 25 pounds.  The frustrating part for me, especially after being overweight my whole life, is that my size has gone from big to small to big to small so many times in the past 6.5 years.  It has literally been like a yo-yo.  However, when I consider that my married, child-bearing years are few in comparison to the total number of years of life I may have and the "reward, gift, blessing," etc of the children that it has produced, I am content.  I know that I'll be 50 before I know it and maintaining a healthy figure will no longer be such a battle because of pregnancy.

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