October 18, 2010

The Creation Museum

I loved going through the Museum again! I especially enjoyed watching the girls' reactions to the various exhibits. Moriah was scared half the time and begged to be held especially during the dark parts and where the dinosaurs moved and roared. The other half of the time she wanted to go back through it and really take it in. Lily did very well to hold Mommy's hand throughout. Lily especially loved watching the live animals move around. She was almost like a statue watching them. :-) Shiphrah slept through the whole thing in my Sleepy Wrap. (Yay!) She did awake when we got to the gift shop/bookstore at the end, just to tell me to buy something. :-) I'm so glad that we have lifetime passes that we can take them back as often as we want to make the drive. :-) I know they'll appreciate it more when they're older.

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