October 20, 2010

Shiphrah Is Two Months

It's hard to believe that Shiphrah is two months already! She is following us around with her eyes. She has really come out with her vocalizations and coos very easily. Her voice is sweet and clear, like a bell. I love to hear her coo because she's not nagging, complaining, whining or asking me to get her anything. They're just happy baby noises. :-) She's already been stretching and strengthening her legs as she stands on my lap on her toes. One of the biggest ways her appearance has changed this month is with her eyelashes. After the first week her eyelashes were few and wet looking. They were always sort of stuck onto her eyelids. But a week ago I noticed how full and girly they have become. :-)

She doesn't sleep any better; she still wakes up usually twice a night to feed. But this is still a great improvement from when she came home from the hospital. She doesn't care for the car seat all that much either. She cries in the car unless we're moving. But she doesn't fight with her sisters (yet) over any toys or attention. Aren't babies great?!

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Lisa said...

I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks. Spent 7 days in the hospital; my how babies change!!!

She is just beautiful! Happy baby noises are the best.

Lisa Q