December 23, 2010

Horizontal Mobility

Two nights ago, around 2 a.m. I heard Shiphrah making noises and I awoke. As I laid there a few minutes listening to her I realized that she sounded more like she was playing rather than her normal waking up to eat. She was happy. I sat up and looked into the bassinet where she lay and lo, and behold, she had rolled over!! She normally sleeps on her stomach, but here she was on her back! She did it again two hours later.

The bassinet is getting small for her and I figured that she had pushed up against the sides and rolled with some structural assistance. I didn't want to get up in the middle of the night for this reason - because she isn't accustomed to sleeping on her back. So I set up the pack 'n play for her night time sleeping. During the day I've been putting her to sleep in a crib. Well, she knows how to roll over in those too!

She has also discovered her hair. :-) While she's nursing, sometimes she'll use her free hand to rub the side of her head, exploring that textured stuff just beyond the borders of her face. If I gave her a little soap, she could wash her own hair. :-) (Just kidding.) Also, occasionally when I get frustrated with her nursing habits, coming on and off, on and off again, she'll look up and laugh at me. My frustration is funny to her. Well, her laughing does help to disarm most of my frustration and refresh my attitude. It is funny, isn't it?!

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