December 18, 2010

Long Time, No See

I am so sorry that I have been very much absent lately. Those three little girls in the left sidebar and that handsome man above them have been keeping me pretty busy around here.

Moriah had her third birthday the day after Thanksgiving. We celebrated it after the Thanksgiving meal on Thursday while all the Anderson and MacDonald families were in attendance. Moriah had a great time dressing up in a new dress, getting her hair and nails done and wearing new shoes and tiara. She is a princess diva. :-D

Lily is about the same as she was a few months ago. She's not made any significant strides to or away from anything. It's great that amidst all that is changing with other stuff that we have someone who is staying the same. :-)

Shiphrah turned four months old yesterday! It's hard to believe that it's been that long. She's the one I don't want to see get any bigger (because I know that toddler-hood is coming down the pike). Her hand-eye coordination has developed wonderfully and she is reaching out for things she sees. She has been able to belly laugh for some time and it is wonderful. :-) She is sweeter than a 10 lb. bag of sugar: almost always able to smile.

All of us just returned from traveling to Louisville, KY. We had a great time with some friends, Bryant and Hannah, that we missed the last time we visited and were able to relax far more by scheduling a lot fewer activities. We returned the violins I borrowed for trial and spent the majority of the time hanging out. On the way back we stopped in Whitwell, TN to hang out with another one of our dear friends, Channing, and made a very easy drive back down to L'ville. I'm very pleased with how the girls did on the long drive - very little screaming and much less fighting. I guess they're getting accustomed to long rides in the car. I can't complain.

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