January 24, 2011

A Little Momma

Moriah has been picking up everything I do, from social interactions to how I do normal everyday tasks. I'm pretty sure that she's always done that. She even mimics my tone of voices, and (horribly) my poor attitudes. She has earned the nickname, Mimi, short for mini-Me.

She has been watching carefully how I play with Shiphrah. She imitates it almost exactly the same as I do. There was one occasion where Shiphrah was laying by herself on a bed or in the bouncing seat and Moriah comes up to her and does the same funny baby faces that she's seen me do. Shiphrah eats this up and will readily laugh at her just like she does at me! And I'm watching the two of them and laughing myself! I pray that when the time comes, she will be a well-prepared, gracious, content Momma.

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