January 19, 2011

Snow Day!

There's always so much excitement for children when the heavens open up and snow down! I have such fond memories as a younger and older child playing in the snow in Northern Virginia! When it snowed 6 inches last week here in Atlanta I was so excited to get the girls all bundled up to go outside and play and take lots of pictures!

Lily wasn't so thrilled about walking in the snow in her rubber boots. She kept getting stuck in the snow. For her the snow was so alluring and she wanted to play and have fun, but couldn't get past the difficulty walking. Maybe next year, if we're blessed with snow she'll have more fun. Moriah was so excited to play in the snow, especially throw snow balls at everyone! A family up the street came to our cul-de-sac to sled down the hill and we were able to meet our neighbors. And they graciously shared their sled with us and the girls enjoyed riding around the circle on the sled. Both girls were very upset when the time came to return inside. Enjoy the pictures.

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