July 5, 2011

The Black Hole of Public Education

It's hard to avoid noticing the typical unruly behavior of public school kids. Most of them don't take their education seriously. They don't "apply" themselves. They don't respect authority. They believe they are entitled to every possible privilege. And the worst thing is that by the time they have completed 12 to 13 years in public, government education, many of them can't read their diplomas or make change at McDonald's because they've been pushed through the system without showing the proper aptitude. They are unprepared to live responsible independent lives in the workforce contributing to their local communities. And you know it's especially bad when the teachers are even the ones caught cheating! Are these the upstanding moral leaders we want to disciple our children?

Public school education is a prime example of a system lacking discipline, preaching a secular humanist, communist/socialist, evolutionist worldview, rampant in negative peer pressure, below substandard education, and overwhelmingly poses daily dangers of drugs, sexual content/assault, gangs, and violence. There is no reason on earth why I would EVER send my precious children there!

And the worst part is that a lot of politicians (and voting people) believe that in order to solve all the problems in the public education system we need to dump more tax payer money into it -- billions of dollars worth! But we've already seen what this system produces: more adult adolescents who are burned out on wasting time in education they deem irrelevant and have no clue how to apply.

It's a failing system and money won't fix it. It's a black hole people! Money goes in and rubbish comes out. And it will continue to produce rubbish for as long as they continue to "socialize" negatively the masses who submit to a godless government education system.

And for those students who did aspire to something greater, they have wasted a lot of time in classes with disrespectful students while they, themselves could have excelled and already begun a career by the time they're 18 or 20. It's a lose-lose scenario for all.

Did you know that those school buses get 6 miles per gallon! And there's about 1,000 school buses just for Gwinnett County!


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Lisa said...

Well said!

My 20 year old daughter, who graduated home school early has already been working on career for 3 years.

My 16 and 14 yr old are learning so many practical things in addition to their 'official' studies and are thankful that they are not in a classroom 6 hrs. a day. Also, they realize how blessed they are to not have peer pressure to deal with daily.

Lisa Q

Meggan said...

That's awesome Lisa! When young adults can finish school at a reasonable age, they don't burn out mentally before they begin their careers. It's not so counter-cultural when young people do this and get married between 18 or 22 because they're already prepared for the responsibility. And young people were doing that less than 100 years ago anyway!