October 5, 2011

The REAL Victimization of Women

Feminism has made women feel like they are victims of a male dominated patriarchal society and cultivated in her heart a sense of discontentment toward her role as the homemaker. Unless she is using her talents and skills outside of the home and making wages of her own, her value is less than that of, a man.

But in order for women to be free from the protection and security of the home, they must first gain a skill set to be used in the marketplace by going away to college. There they learn to gain the glory of man in a worldly definition of success. In college women must be taught to adopt a sense of autonomy apart from God, apart from Biblical submission to their parents & husbands and become their own person, ruling themselves as they see fit. After that, they must have some way of restricting the normative fruit of children through birth control.

Feminists must teach women to become bitter. They become bitter at God for creating them as women, the "weaker sex." Women get bitter at their husbands for caging them in, suppressing their talents and skills by confining them to the four walls of their home. And not only that, but become bitter also for the burden of children. Feminism must also provide a means to "fix" the problem of unplanned, unwanted pregnancy when it is inconvenient for the career goals that feminism thrusts at these women.

Feminism has also made women feel that their husbands and fathers no longer value their interests at the voting booths and pushed women to separate from their family unit to oppose, in the secret of the ballot box, the views of her husband. Women have separated themselves from the order of Creation by leaving her created role of helpmeet & mother in order to share Adam's curse. They have separated themselves physically from the protection of her family under her father and husband by going away to college or away to work. Women have separated themselves emotionally by becoming embittered at their husbands. Women have separated themselves from the future generation by not having many or any children and by not rearing them, i.e. leaving them in the hands of daycare or nannies. And women have separated themselves politically at the voting booths.

While feminism has truly set out to victimize the housewife, making her the target of their attacks. It's really the feminists that themselves have become the victims of attacks by the devil. When these women get old (and some men are feminists too) they are bitter as they look back over their lives and realize that their collection of dolls, stamps, 401K, IRA, etc. does not compare to the joy of grandchildren and children caring for you in your old age, their worldview comes to a head and they die bitter, lonely people. What a tragic existence - your whole life you chase after the glory of man and the idol of autonomy to see that after 50 years, there is nothing of lasting value to show for it. I pity the feminists. But not too much, they brought it upon themselves. Their worldview, for many, will die with them.

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