January 19, 2012

Definitely NOT Barbie!

For Christmas gifts, Moriah, Lily and Shiphrah each received a doll, specifically a Disney Toddler Princess Doll. Look how adorable they are! They are chubby and are built just like a toddler. They have chubby faces, arms, legs and even a little belly with modestly appropriate permanently affixed undergarments. And they each have lots of hair that little girls love to comb! I saw these on sale before Thanksgiving and decided to pick them up.

Some girls grow up playing with Barbies and as they begin to develop into young womanhood they wonder why they're not beautiful. Somewhere in their sub-conscience they think that all those traits that signify their humanity somehow mark them as ugly. I thought those same things too, "Why is my nose so wide? Why isn't my skin all the same color? Why aren't my hips more pronounced? Why isn't my waist smaller and my ta-tas ginormous?" I thought I was ugly. But I was average, just like everyone else. I don't want my daughters playing with Barbie dolls and then come to think that they are ugly because they don't look like her when they get bigger. These Toddler dolls don't give them some false standard to live up to. They are just like my girls are now. I hope that this, in some way, will not hinder the wonder and beauty of design in which God created them in His image, but rather help them to understand that their unique appearance is a magnification of the glory of God.

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