February 23, 2011

Feedback, Please

My children are messy eaters. They usually end up with their meals displayed all over their clothes. And so I used to end up either bathing them (almost) after every meal or taking off their clothes before eating. The meals with tomato products were especially stressful because they stain so easily. Bibs are okay, but if they're cloth, the food can seep right through and they're not long enough or wide enough. Occasionally I thought to use an adult apron on my girls, which was great, but I didn't think too much about getting more than one for all their eating times.

The thought came to me after G'Wanda bought some child sized aprons for the girls so that they would eat, fully clothed, and still be clean afterwards. It eliminated 90% of the after eating clean-up and save a lot of time. She bought some more fabric and duplicated the pattern. Then I thought, "What if they were waterproof? Then maybe they could eat spaghetti!" Spaghetti is their messiest and one of their most favorite meals. The clean up takes just as long as it does to eat, but with a waterproof apron, maybe it would be easier. So I popped a couple out and voila! They really do save me so much time cleaning them up after eating and in stain-removal on laundry days. They save me money by not buying so much Clorox 2 color-safe bleach, plus extra water and detergent. I can just tie one on each girl, let them eat, shake off the solids (when necessary) then throw it in the washing machine. It is soo much easier!

My question to you, reader, is (1.) do you think that waterproof aprons are a good idea as an entrepreneurial enterprise? Lots of stay at home moms do things for home-based businesses: cloth diapering, bath & body products, baby gifts, etc. Would making children's waterproof aprons for eating, crafting, painting and cooking be a good idea? And (2.) Would people buy it?

Jeramy and I have thought of several other accessories and products we could offer, like dining seat covers (for under booster seats) and carrying bags (to and from restaurants, etc.). We would make them more professional looking than the quick job pictured above.

What do you think? Any comments, no matter how brief, positive or negative are appreciated.



Erin said...

I think its a great idea! :-)

Anna said...

I think these would be a great idea. The fact that they are versatile and can be used for a myriad of purposes means you could market them easily. With ETSY and other similiar sites it is so easy to test the waters with a product. Go for it!!