February 24, 2011

For Colored Girls: A Movie Review

This Tyler Perry PG-13 rated drama centers around nine black women, ages 16 to 60-ish, and their attempts to overcome adversity. All of their lives are intertwined interestingly as most of them dwell in the same apartment building in New York. The title comes from the main poem recited at the beginning of the movie and similar poetry is weaved throughout, passing from character to character. If you want to check out trailers and clips, go to YouTube. The actresses are experienced and do a very fine job of portraying these characters honestly and as if they were real women. The all-star cast, plot lines, poetry, etc. all draw you in to make the performance that much more real and meaningful. It's been called Tyler Perry's best work yet.

Personally, as a colored girl, it was the worst movie I've seen in a long time. I say that, not because it misrepresents colored girls, it hits the nail on the head in almost every way. But I say that because of my hope and faith in Jesus Christ and my desire to glorify and submit to Him and His Word. If you are somewhat happily living, realizing the fullness of Christ more and more daily, content in your marriage to a thoughtful, servant-leading husband, who never gives you a reason why you should distrust him - then do not view this movie! All of the adversity these women face is somehow caused by abuse they suffered at the hands of black men. And the way they respond to all this adversity is by secular means, not through personal hope and faith in Christ, which is exactly what is needed for the seriousness of the issues these women faced. Now the issues:

Abortion: This act is alluded to on screen, but it not at all graphic in any way. I found myself screaming on the inside as I watched what I knew was about to happen. Again, there was nothing graphic, only the images of metal instruments. There is a redeeming quality, though. The two women who had had abortions were very regretful about their decision and worldly sorrowful about it.

Marriage: There is only one healthy marital relationship in the movie, to an honest and caring black man. But it is not glorified or exalted as an example of what should be. There is an adulterous marriage, co-habiting, and fornication.

Murder: In this movie, two young children are murdered on screen. I could not bear to watch to see how graphic it was.

Religion: One character is seen as a religious nut, very much on the cultic side. The name of her god seems to mock at the one true God in Jesus Christ. She views unborn babies as "evil" and prays in front of some shrine set up in one of her apartment corners. She runs around yelling, "Repent! Repent!"

Sexual Crimes: There is a rape committed on-screen, again not too graphic or violent, but very horrible to stomach. The only woman who is happy and always smiling, has this horrible violence committed against her and you never see her recover emotionally. There is talk of other such crimes committed in the past against other characters, and it is given as the cause for their on screen behavior.

This movie is not entertainment. I believe that Perry's motive is to give hope to black women. Unless that hope is in Christ, then it is a false hope. It asserts that to be a black woman is to experience sorrow, distrust, betrayal, and abuse by black men, and to have wrong theology.

Honestly, this movie caused me to remember sins committed against me of which I had long since forgotten, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to become suspicious of all men around me, even my wonderful husband. If anyone highly recommends that you view this movie, as a serious believer in Christ (daily Bible reading, prayer, service, church attendance, relying on grace to walk righteously, fully dependent on the atoning work of Christ alone), then give some serious consideration as to whether watching a movie such as this would alter your emotions and worldview and shift your focus away God's mighty redeeming work of replacing beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair, and the grace to forgive and even forget in love.

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