February 16, 2011

Turning 30

Last Saturday I turned 30 years old. Jeramy went to great lengths to make sure that I felt special on my birthday. He bought me 30 tulips. He asked G'Wanda to take the girls to sleep over Friday night. Then Saturday he cooked me a special "30" themed lunch with 30 chicken wings, 30 pieces of boiled carrots, and 15 pieces of banana + 15 m&m's = 30 for dessert each one in the shape of the number 30. He also wrote me "30 Reasons Why I Love My Wife, Meggan":
  1. She is made in the image of God.
  2. She supports me through peaks and valleys.
  3. She trust my financial decision making.
  4. She is intelligent.
  5. She desires wisdom from God through His Word.
  6. She reads His Word.
  7. She loves God in Christ.
  8. She nurtures our children.
  9. She disciplines our children when it is difficult.
  10. She is beautiful.
  11. She exercises regularly.
  12. She watches her diet.
  13. She is open to having many children.
  14. She opens our home for fellowship.
  15. She prepares tasty meals for our home and those in need.
  16. She lets me monologue.
  17. She is a gifted musician.
  18. She is willing to stay home with our children.
  19. She home schools.
  20. She enjoys reading.
  21. She engages in intellectually stimulating conversations.
  22. She is faithful.
  23. She respects my authority.
  24. She is gentle to the touch.
  25. She helps me learn piano and to read music.
  26. She prays with me.
  27. She is sympathetic to others with small children.
  28. She delights in my remodeling skills.
  29. She strives to be more like Christ.
  30. She loves me.
That's better than any card Hallmark could put out! Yeah, I was all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

After lunch I went shopping, alone, to use my gift cards I got as Christmas presents and bought some more workout gear and a new dress. :-) (By the way I've lost all of Shiphrah's baby weight and now I'm working on losing the left over 10 pounds from Moriah and Lily's pregnancies. I only have another 15 lbs. until I reach my final goal.)

Then we went to my Mom's house for a special dinner: BBQ ribs, corn pudding, stewed tomatoes, and rolls. For dessert, she made a cream cheese poundcake with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries! Ooh, so good!

Do I feel older? No not much. But I do realize that, given my Dad's family history, this could be the mid-point of my life. Not any of my Dad's siblings have celebrated their 60th birthdays, all died in their 50's. I figure that if I make it to 60 (with or without major issues like cancer), then I'm doing really good.


Erin said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! :-D It sounds like it was wonderful!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Meggan! What a creative dinner....looks yummy!