April 3, 2011

Multitude Monday

holy experience

In light of Jeramy's new job change, I have a lot to be thankful for as I look forward to the days, weeks, months and maybe years ahead.

556. I'm so thankful for the change in Jeramy's schedule - that he will be home nights, weekends and even holidays, most likely.

557. I'm very thankful that I won't be alone in the evenings anymore, on a regular basis. I have gotten used to being alone at nights, but a woman's sense of security builds up when there is a man present after the sun goes down.

558. I'm so thankful that we can all go to bed at the same time, especially Jeramy and me. I have been going to bed hours before him in order to get up early to get to the gym, but now all of us will be getting better sleep, Lord willing, especially Jeramy.

559. With Jeramy's new schedule we'll be able to fellowship with other families a lot more and have opportunities for date nights too. Most people have nights and weekends off and before we were only able to fellowship with other families one night every week, which left no other opportunities for date nights or anything else, really.

560. I'm thankful that today is the last day that Jeramy will be working dispatch and

561. I'm thankful that Jeramy is excited about the new job and what he'll be doing, at least as much as he anticipates doing. This job is associated more closely with the justice system, condemning offenders, and is therefore more interesting and respectful. So it boosts his morale quite a bit.

562. I'm thankful that Lily pooped in the toilet this morning before we left for church. She's been potty training this week with average success.

563. I'm thankful that I've been consistently losing weight and today wore pre-pregnancy (before Moriah and Lily) dress pants to church using the original button and hooks. :-)

564. I'm thankful that I can enjoy and savor Triple Chocolate Cake and still lose weight. My Mom's recipe is only 87 calories per ounce.

565. I'm thankful for winning Callie's giveaway (for a CSN gift card) to get a kitchen scale to help me count my calories, especially in foods I prepare, more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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