April 10, 2011

Multitude Monday

holy experience

We are still adjusting to the wonderful schedule change associated with Jeramy's new job. I didn't realize how much stress and temptation to become bitter his old schedule provided until God graciously granted us relief!

566. I am so very thankful for a bitter-free Sunday morning. I'm thankful that we could all be ready for church and get to church on time without it being a 'one-parent show,' i.e. getting everyone together by myself. It was kind of odd for me not having so much stress present.

567. I am so thankful that slipping into a new weekday routine has been sweeter than a piece of triple chocolate cake! There is so much less stress to begin the day with when Jeramy is already at work and the girls and I can just go with the flow and still get a lot done before he gets home. Jeramy coming home in the afternoons is a key motivation to get things done before he arrives.

568. I am so thankful that Jeramy has nights and weekends off. He comes home around 3 or 4 p.m. and we have the whole evening together as a family. It is quality time without the constant anxiety of clock watching: in 2 hours he has to go to work; when will lunch be ready? In 1 hour he has to go to work. Okay, now he needs to get ready for work. He needs to leave in 10 minutes. . .

569. I am so thankful that because Jeramy was home at night this past week, we were able to worship together as a family two nights, fellowship with a family from church, attend Wednesday night prayer meeting, go shopping, and plant garden vegetables!

570. I am so thankful for the grace God has given me (I suppose aided greatly by the general gratitude for the new schedule) to be able to respond righteously to temptations to get angry and be bitter. The grace came to change my thinking into truthful, Biblical, grateful thoughts when unspoken expectations were not met and to voice the gratitude aloud.

God has done great things for us.

571. I am so thankful that God has preserved the life of my friend and sister in Christ during her labor and childbirth.

572. I am very thankful that God has also preserved the life of her beautiful baby girl and that she continues to improve.

573. I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit them and pray with them during days filled with anxiety, uncertainty, ignorance, hope, stress, and submissive trust in the Lord's sovereignty.

574. I am thankful that my friend and sister in Christ was supposed to be discharged from the hospital this weekend and that I might see and talk to her soon.

575. I am thankful for God speaking to me in His Word - that He continues to open my eyes to see how closely He relates to me and understand all my concerns.


Alberto Hernandez Baggetto said...

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Leah said...

Aah. I love multitude Mondays. It makes me step back in awe at the God we serve.

Thanks for sharing. :-)