June 6, 2012

Free Studio Consultations

The Anderson Music Studio gives free one hour consultations if you or your child is interested in learning the violin or other musical skill (theory analysis or music literacy).  I would be more than happy to schedule a formal or informal time to sit with you and your prospective students and answer your questions.  In regards to the violin, we can discuss how the instrument works, what may be expected of you as a student, what you can expect of me as a teacher, what materials we might use, what style of music you're interested in learning and whether or not your child is ready for study.

The links in the right sidebar may begin to answer some of your questions, but I am always available to speak with you specifically at a time that is convenient for your schedule.  You can contact me by posting a comment to this post or any post.  You may also email me at andersonmusicstudio@ymail.com

Personal information will remain private and confidential.

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