June 4, 2012

Shiphrah & the Potty

The potty has been stowed in the basement for some time and last night, while digging out the remaining baby things, I saw it and took it out.  I knew that we would be using it sometime in the next couple of months as Shiphrah approaches her 2nd birthday.  

This morning after breakfast I changed her diaper.  Maybe 2 hours or more later, after lunch I went to change her again before laying her down for her nap and she was still clean and dry.  So, I sat her on the potty, "Maybe she'll go," I thought.  

Moriah, Lily and I were in the bathroom with her.  After the older girls showed her what to do by using the toilet themselves, we sat and sang to her while we waited to see if she would perform.  I had to leave the bathroom to take some muffins out of the oven when Moriah came to tell me that Shiphrah had pee peed.  And when I got back to the bathroom, she did indeed pee!  This is the first time she has sat on the potty at home and the first time with success!  Yay Shiphrah! 

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