June 3, 2012

A Song for Sunday: Great Is Thy Faithfulness

The prophet Jeremiah wrote this when he was sitting in the bottom of a pit.  It probably smelly like a septic tank with very little light and no idea when he might be lifted out of such a place.  But he knew that although his momentary circumstance was very bad, he still trusted in the Sovereign Lord of all creation and was thankful that he wasn't in a worse place: Hell, a fully conscious suffering for all eternity with no hope of escape, ease or even annihilation.  

This hymn was of particular encouragement this morning as the saints sang together in worship.  As physically I've been increasingly more restricted in my activities, I've also realized that I'm going to have to discipline my other children just as much if not more than I am now, but with a nursing newborn too.  Feelings of failure, thoughts of bitterness, anxiety and fatigue have overwhelmed and distracted me from remembering the faithfulness of Christ.  Even in the midst of all my domestic troubles God, who keeps his children by His grace, still provides for all my needs.  Even when I think I've let go of hope, there is nothing and no one that can separate me from the love (eternal commitment) of Christ.  No one can pluck me out of His hand, myself included.

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