September 6, 2011

Colorado Springs Trip Day 1: St. Louis

Early Wednesday morning we left G'Wanda's house with all three girls still snug in bed. It was hard for me to leave my babies, but this trip would provide a much needed respite and a chance for a real honeymoon/vacation. We fought average traffic from Suwanee to I-285 via PIB. From there forward it was pretty smooth sailing. We stopped once for gas before reaching St. Louis.

The Zeigler family awaited our arrival in their apartment on the beautiful campus of Concordia Seminary. Jeramy trained Michael as a Fourth Class (Freshman) Cadet at the Air Force Academy and they became fast friends after the initial training period. Michael is attending the Seminary while serving in the Reserves. We were delighted to be invited to dine and lodge with them, gleaning encouragement during our fellowship together. It was truly a blessing for Jeramy and Michael to reconnect and for me to be able to meet them.

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