September 22, 2011

She's Standing!

The past three days Shiphrah has been standing for longer periods unsupported! I can tell that she's getting more frustrated by the inconvenience of not walking because she crawls with one foot flat on the floor while holding an object in one of her hands -- sort of like a half-way crawl. Then she will push our little chairs or her walker around all over the hardwood floor just to get from one place to another. When I've been walking with her I'm only holding one of her hands as I previously held both. She turned 13 months old last week and I'm hoping that she will be walking before she reaches 14 months. Moriah and Lily were both walking by their first birthday so I'm a little anxious for Shiphrah to get on board. I don't have to worry about chasing her around when she starts walking because she'll be the one chasing her sisters. :-D

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