September 20, 2011

Murder She Threw

This is unbelievable! Highlights from a post by R. Albert Mohler on the case of Katrina Efferts and her "fourth trimester" abortion! Read the two original articles HERE and HERE. Now there is nothing to stop parents from brutally murdering their own children at any age. We cannot look to legislation to determine what is morally sound - only the Bible can provide the foundation for truth and teach us how to view God and treat each other. We must also look to God for retributive justice, because we will not find it in this physical realm.

Mark Steyn hit the nail on the head when he accused a Canadian appeals court of allowing for a “fourth-trimester abortion” — that’s right, the killing of a baby that is already born!

The case emerged from the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta, where a judge faced the fact that a woman had been convicted of strangling her newborn son and then throwing the baby’s body over the fence into her neighbor’s yard.

A CBC News reported, the woman was given a three-year suspended sentence and will spend no time in jail for the killing of her baby. Katrina Efferts “will have to abide by conditions for the next three years but she won’t spend time behind bars for strangling her own son.”

The moral dishonesty of the entire tragedy comes down to the fact that, in legalizing abortion, liberal societies claimed to be making a bargain. We will not protect unborn life, but we will defend all those who make it to birth. Of course, the dividing line was always dishonest. Are we seriously to believe that human personhood is a matter of mere location, inside or outside the womb?

Now, this judge [Justice Joanne Veit] has simply extended the logic of abortion, and catastrophically so. If the “onerous demands” of parenthood justify killing one’s own child, there is no logical reason to confine permissive infanticide to newborns, or even to younger children.

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