September 27, 2011

New Violin!

After saving up for months Jeramy and I bought a new violin! We traded in the old Doetsch that I've been playing for 15 years(!) toward the cash purchase of this new one. When I say "new" it really isn't new, it's new to me - an upgrade. The previous instrument was difficult to play well. The sound was scratchy and muddled. With extraordinary effort I would do my best to make a nice sound. It's like a professional painter painting a home with only a paint brush, whereas a paint sprayer, roller & extra large drop cloths would make it easier for him to produce a fine product with the level of skill & craftsmanship he already possesses.

I purchased this instrument from Atlanta Violins, with a new Bobelock case made of heavy plywood. It is strung with green label Eva Perazzi strings (about $80-90/set). This unlabeled, likely German, 1880-1920, violin produces a great sound, audibly legible and is very playable. Notice the detailing on the pegs, tail piece and the unique Egyptian carving on the back. The craftsmanship, especially in the scroll carving, allows for the educated guess of the time in which it was built.

The transition was very easy as my old Doetsch was German also (i.e. the length is identical). French made instruments tend to run on the short side, making it easier to play in the upper register, fingered octaves, etc. Overall, I'm very pleased with this intermediate step up to the instrument my skill level might dictate. And I'm more enthused to play now that I have an easier time producing a high quality sound. I'm very thankful for all the hours Jeramy and I put into obtaining this instrument. In the future, we may trade it in for another upgrade at Atlanta Violins. It's a great shop and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market.

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