February 29, 2012

Another School Shooting

This time outside Cleveland, Ohio. Some initial news reports say that the gunman was bullied by the five victims he specifically targeted. Later reports say that he fired randomly. The gunman did not commit suicide, has confessed to the act and some articles report that 3 of the 5 have died from their injuries.

The media will make victims out of all involved - the bullies and the gunman. The media will also reassure parents that this is an isolated incident and is not typical of that school district.

The media lies.

When a curriculum teaches that we descend from pond scum and have no accountability to a higher Creative power, that all life is in a perpetual contest for the survival of the fittest, this is what happens. The truth is that both the bullies and the gunman are guilty.

Parents will continue to send their children back into that school. Parents will continue to send their children into the government school system believing and praying that it will never happen in their school.

This is just another reason why I will never, ever, send my precious babies into a godless, secular system to become a mindless mob of human resources for the industrial elite.

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