February 15, 2012

The Dentist!

On Friday, 10 February, Moriah and Lily had their very first dentist visit! I had prepared them for about 3 weeks by telling them what the dentist will do and what they will have to do.

The day finally came and I was so impressed with how brave they were and how well they behaved! They didn't kick, cry or scream. They didn't even whine or complain the whole time we were there! I can't believe it!

Moriah went first and sat in the big chair. She opened her mouth wide and followed all the instructions from the hygienist and the dentist. She received a good report. She doesn't have any cavities, but we have to be very diligent in her brushing habits.

Here she is sitting in the big chair!

Here's Moriah getting a routine cleaning from Keyma, the hygienist.

Here is Moriah getting a check up from Dr. Carney, the dentist.

Lily and I were watching close by the whole time. Lily kept asking excitedly when it was going to be her turn! She wasn't scared at all. Finally her turn came and she was just as brave! Lily had a little more cleaning work to be done and sat very quietly while the hygienist thoroughly cleaned her teeth. Neither did Lily have any cavities and both she and Moriah each have 20 teeth.

Lily: sitting in the big chair

Here are Lily and Keyma

Here is Lily with the dentist, Dr. Carney.

Here's Moriah, Lily and Keyma, all with big smiles to remember this first visit.

I was so impressed with their good behavior, I have to be careful not to become too proud about it. :-D

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