February 16, 2012

Birthday Happenings

Sunday, 12 February was my 31st Birthday and I was showered all weekend long. Overall, I don't feel much older, but I definitely feel very blessed.

Friday afternoon, Grandma Jane drove up from Statesboro and took all the girls to G'Wanda's house to spend the night. During our quiet evening home, Jeramy grilled NY Strip steaks with fresh tossed salad and a baked potato on the side. We celebrated with sparkling grape juice and I made frozen virgin Pina Coladas! It was so yummy! We haven't grilled steaks in a long time.

Saturday morning I slept in, then Jeramy cooked breakfast. He saved some of his steak and prepared steak and egg breakfast burritos complete with salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese and cilantro!

After some quiet reading, I permed my hair and baked some homemade crescent rolls and smore's muffins. Then we headed over to G'Wanda's house where all the women prepared a special Birthday dinner: Noonie's chicken over rice served with french green beans, tossed salad and cake and ice cream, of course. The girls helped prepare, frost and decorate the cake! It looks great, doesn't it?!

I also had some red velvet cupcakes from a gourmet shop and they were mighty tasty too!

G'Wanda presented her gift: a 3 gallon professional stainless steel pot by Cuisinart! It's so pretty! We have several pots that go from about 3 cups up to about 1 gallon and then an extra large pot that holds about 6 gallons, but we have no pot in between. Now we do! It's even dishwasher safe!

Grandma Jane gifted me with some spending money and the girls gave me a lovely card where Moriah signed her own name! It was great.

Sunday I was recognized with many wishes for a Happy Birthday and it was happy indeed. I was very thankful for the love and appreciation expressed over the weekend and on the very day. God has blessed me with wonderful family members and a church family with whom I can worship and fellowship regularly. And most of all I'm thankful for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and the work of God's grace that caused me to repent and believe. I pray all of your birthdays throughout this year are just as blessed.

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