February 1, 2012

A Blast From the Past

Most of you reading this will not remember personally going through a period without some of the modern conveniences we've come to take for granted. Like a dish washing machine and a clothes washing machine, for example. Over the past week, we've had such a trip back into the ice age before modern technology created these wonderful time-saving devices.

My husband and I purchased a Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel two-drawer dishwasher when we moved into our new house a little over two years ago. When my parents remodeled their kitchen in early 2000 they replaced their dishwasher with a Fisher & Paykel double drawer model and I appreciated it so much, I convinced Jeramy to get one. Well, we've had trouble with it from day 1 but I still enjoy using it very much.

For several months it had been making a terrible grinding noise when the top drawer was in a washing cycle. Then last week it decided not to drain the water out after rinsing. It would wash the dishes, but the water would remain in the machine afterwards. It is still under warranty and so we had a part ordered and a man was to come and install it, Tuesday. That was almost one full week away! The bottom drawer still worked, but alone, it only washes about 1/2 a load of dishes.

In the meantime, Saturday night after washing a load of clothes, the washing machine would not drain the water either! We did not have any other issues with non-draining in the house (toilets, sinks, etc.) so now, something was wrong with the washing machine. It was full of clean towels and clean water. It did not spin and it would not agitate. For some reason it stopped mid-cycle. You can imagine our frustration having two expensive major appliances out of commission and possibly costing a pretty penny to fix or replace. After viewing some YouTube videos, Jeramy ordered a part he thought might fix it. Well, it would not arrive until Tuesday also! We have three children and use cloth diapers!

During the time without those appliances I went about the house trying to figure out how to spend my time apart from doing laundry & the dishes! I kept thinking about how I wash going to wash clothes in the bath tub or travel with them to our neighbor's house. Well, we got by without and Tuesday finally came.

The Geek Squad technician from Best Buy arrived and fixed our dishwasher. Now it hums quietly just like new! How wonderful!! The part Jeramy ordered also arrived and after he got home, after several YouTube videos and about 2 hours later, Jeramy fixed the washing machine, too! He's so proud of himself that we didn't have to spend any more than $30 on an expert to come fix our washing machine. And because the dishwasher was still under warranty, we didn't have to pay for that repair either!

I'm so thankful to have working machines again! Today I've never been more excited about doing laundry than the whole time we've been married!

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