March 21, 2012

Can You Imagine a Communist America?

No, America could NEVER become a Communist Nation! Could it?!

It could very well happen. The Communist Party USA has been very successful at accomplishing their goals of making America a Communist State. Communist states are characterized by oppressive dictators and a lack of freedom. Imagine that you are not free to choose where you want to live. You are told where to live, what to eat and what to drink.

You are not free to choose what to wear. That decision has already been made for you.

You are not free to go wherever you would like. Your every move is watched. Nor can you choose what kind of car you can drive, or even if you are allowed to drive a car, ride a bike, take a taxi, etc.

You are not free to speak what you will nor are you free to hold ideology that is different from the ruling elite. Should certain words leave your mouth and it is suspected that they are credited to you, you will be fired upon. How will the ruling elite isolate persons with differing values? They will first target those public organizations and movements with contrasting goals: Right to Life organizations, The Tea Party organization, and doctrinally sound, confessional churches, just name a few. They may not even interrogate individuals from these groups before their eradication but completely obliterate anyone who is even remotely associated with them.

You are not free to choose what music to listen to, which books you can read or movies you can watch. All of these sources of information and entertainment will have to be screened prior to allowing the public to have access. Privileges to the internet would also certainly be limited and all your online activity constantly monitored.

You would not have the freedom to choose which job field to pursue. You would be told what career you must learn. If you refuse to go to work for the benefit of the collective, then you will be forced, or fired upon.

You will not have the freedom to marry whomever you choose, but parameters would be set that you could only marry someone within a certain class of people. Should you transgress, you would likely be fired upon.

You will not have the freedom to procreate as you would like. You may be sterilized by force. If you want more children than allowed, you would be forced to abort them. If you are unable to have children, you might be fired upon anyway because you cannot benefit the collective. It's already being talked about HERE and HERE.

You would not have the freedom to educate your children as you want. The state would take them by force as early as birth. Read HERE

If this does not eventually happen in the United States, imagine a conservative people attempting to collect together and create a separate state that would secede from the union and develop it's own nation. Even if secession were allowed to happen, how long would it take for our Communist neighbors to eventually seek to subdue our land and people? The goal of Communism is world domination, just as it is for Islam. And both are just as bloody. Remember Nazi Germany, Hitler & Stalin? How many millions of people, national citizens, died while the uninformed mob sat back approvingly? Something like that can very well happen here. Don't think it can't.

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