March 12, 2012

When Family Size Hits The Fan

Many couples since the 1960's have decided that they would take certain measures to limit the number of children they would produce. These have bought into the feminist movement's provision of birth control and the worldview that bearing and raising several children is too much of a burden for the career woman. Many of these couples hold the view that they would rather have fewer children and lavish on them attention and material possessions.

As these parents age, they need more extensive care as health continues to deteriorate. Their one or two children are now grown adults with spouses, children and careers of their own. These two adult children are unable and unwilling to make the necessary adjustments to care for their aging parents. Just as the parents, the previous generation were unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices involved in having several children. But the adult children do have money and put them up in a Nursing Home. Now these aging parents sit in adult diapers, in a lonely smelly hospital-type bedroom, watching TV and waiting for any family member to remember to visit them.

Big government has embraced the feminist agenda through a lot of legislation and taxation and has set up a "Nanny State" in which we see in programs like Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare and Social Security. One hundred years ago these government handouts did not exist. Couples relied on their children to care for them. Bearing and raising many children was their social security, retirement and medicare plan. They made personal sacrifices to raise several children and once they got older, it was much easier for their children to share the load of aging, dying parents. If you don't want to be alone as your physical needs become more extensive, have more children. Your children will be able to care for your needs much more efficiently and intimately than any big government program.

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