March 19, 2012

Obama Is a Communist. He's Bad.

President Barak Obama has been influenced by several key people throughout his life that have direct ties to the Communist Party USA (CPUSA; more details later). Twenty percent of Congress also have direct ties to the Communist Party.

It is well known that Obama is a Socialist, to say the least. He encourages Class Warfare whereby Big Government steals from one group of people to give to another group of people. This creates a "Nanny State" with programs like, Obamacare, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, to name a few. The goal of Socialism is Communism. Once Communism has been achieved, it is very difficult to revert back because the goal of Communism is global domination. There have been massive efforts by the CPUSA to corrupt America from within and it has been extremely successful.

CPUSA has sought to kill the free capitalist market of the US economy by excessive regulations through the environmental movement. Currently it is so difficult to begin a business because of regulations, many entrepreneurs don't even start. The red tape requires an exorbitant amount of money just to get off the ground. This has killed the American Dream.

Feminism, Homosexuality & Easy Divorce
These three actually all work together to destroy the nuclear family unit. Feminism makes women feel like they are victims of a male-dominated patriarchal society and that she must "pull her own weight" and earn wages of her own outside her home. Feminism seeks to make women feel like keeping watch over their own home is as oppressive as living in a concentration camp. It causes women to desire autonomy apart from the protection and provision of a man. It provided women with the contraception they needed to be as promiscuous as they desired without the consequences of children and discouraged them from getting married and having children. It also provided abortion when contraception failed.

Divorce used to be very difficult to pursue in America. But over the past 30 years or so, uncontested divorce has made it so easy to release couples from the lifetime commitment marriage used to be that the statistics now are 1 in 2 couples will eventually divorce. The more men, women and children are parted from one another, the more strain is put upon maintaining these relationships, the more Big Government is able to step in and pick up the pieces of failed marriages. Big Government seeks to be the only one on which the mob of people rely.

Homosexuality has encouraged cohabitation even among heterosexuals. If the divorced rates remained high, then it would naturally discourage couples away from marriage toward cohabitation. The homosexual, transgender, etc. movement has also degraded the moral fabric of our conscience as it has been proclaimed to be acceptable, natural and normal. This forces people to accept that the term "nuclear family" is now pliable like plastic.

Public School Indoctrination
This is the forum by which Big Government passes down it's ideals to the next generation, at younger and younger ages. By creating and sustaining and uninformed mob of supporters, Socialism will eventually reach it's goal of making America a Communist State. Public Schools do this by controlling the quantity and quality of education in the curriculum especially the facts of history. The next generation is taught to deny the evil acts of Hitler, the bloody massacre of the Holocaust, and kept ignorant of the oppression of life in a Communist State. This generation of public school kids are denied the ability to reason and perform as an individual but forced into group learning and thus this uninformed mob of public school graduates will gladly encourage the government in all its endeavors to increase its power and wealth as they give up more and more of their personal freedom with hearty approval.

There are many other items addressed in the documentary Agenda. See the first 5 minutes HERE.

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