March 17, 2012

Startin' to Garden

Last weekend we did a lot of work in the yard to prepare for this year's garden.

Jeramy set up a large rectangular plot with railroad ties. They cost about $8-9 each and they're about 120 pounds too! This area on the side of our house gets about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight everyday. We haven't used this spot before, but we're eager to see what it will yield.

Then he took out the individual boxes in our circular garden so that there would be more space for more plants without making the circumference any larger. Then we filled both areas with dirt. Yesterday our 7.5 ft fencing arrived and Jeramy made stakes to attach it so we could keep both the deer and the smaller animals out. This year we are trying to maximizing our space and our efforts as we garden.

He and the girls planted marigold, tomato and pepper seeds. They also left out some potatoes for future planting. After 7 days, the marigolds have already begun to sprout on the surface.

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