June 9, 2010

Abortion after IVF?!

A new study has come out of Britain that every year 80 women who conceive by IVF decide to terminate their pregnancies! This is absolutely ludicrous! You would think that a woman so intent on having children to go through such measures would not murder this precious child for any reason, right?! Al Mohler's diagnosis: idolatry of self. Below is a snippet of his blog post.

What does this new scandal say about the human condition? In the first place, it tells us that we are turning ourselves into unabashed idolaters of the self. We are witnessing the elevation of personal autonomy, personal happiness, and personal fulfillment to levels that can only be described as idolatry. These women are seeking abortions just because they have decided they really do not want to be pregnant after all. Their concern is the solitary self above all.

Read the entire post here.

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