June 26, 2010

Paint Projects

For Mother's Day, I took the girls to The Painted Potter at Discover Mills Mall to create a unique masterpiece for G'Wanda. This was their first attempt at painting and they thoroughly enjoyed it! The paint is lead-free and very safe for children. You don't have to worry when they put the brushes in their mouths. And the paint is water-soluble so that it washes out of clothes without any extra removal process. This plate we made in about one hour. G'Wanda was so happy to receive such a wonderful gift!

When Grandma Jane's birthday came around a month later, I decided that she needed a personalized plate too. (I didn't want her to get envious :-). You can see that I had a little more influence over this one. :-) The purple part in the middle is Moriah's hand and the green leaves are made from Lily's foot. The writing was done by one of the nice girls who work there. We made this plate in about 90 minutes. "Flowers can't compare to the love Jane shares!" Grandma Jane just about wet herself when she opened it! She wouldn't let it go but kept hugging it like a prized treasure! I'm so glad that she liked it.

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