June 26, 2010

This Is NOT a Defeat

I've been working on covering our stone fireplace with a comfortable seat cushion/cover. I have never worked on any kind of upholstery or with polyurethane foam and have found this project more than a little daunting. When I created the pattern for this cover, I calculated that the stone was 3-dimensional, but not so much the filling. When permission was given to substitute the foam instead of quilt batting, I didn't figure that the foam was 3-D also. Neither did I consider how difficult it is to bend it. :-(

Needless to say, it was put on the back burner, yet again, for a short time until I could re-think my strategy. The more I looked at the blankets temporarily covering just the top, I considered that I liked the look of that better: to have just the top covered with the sides of the stone bottom exposed. So, that's what I decided would look best and be a lot easier to accomplish. So, here I go again, cutting foam and ripping seams. I'm determined to finish before the baby comes.

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