June 15, 2010

Back in Time

This week, on Jeramy's days off, we drove down to Register, GA where Jeramy grew up. We're visiting Grandma Jane, Grand Daddy Dennis, Uncle Stephen and other relatives. It's so good to be with my in-laws. I'm very blessed to have married into such a warm, kind, generous family.
There are so many things that we've taken for granted as we've lived just 3.5 hours away in Gwinnett County:
1. There are no gnats! We don't have to swat at them every second for relief!
2. The humidity and temperatures are much lower. Today the temp was 102 with a heat index making it feel like 110!
3. There are no fire ants! You can't stand in the same spot in the grass for more than 5 seconds (no matter what shoes you're wearing) without getting attacked! You may not be standing in an ant bed (hill) but they're there and they'll get you!
4. A trip to town doesn't take 90 minutes. Our in-laws live 30 minutes from Statesboro and there is no quick run to the store.
Gradually, Jeramy is attempting to country-fy me, but I don't know if he'll be successful. I do appreciate the slower pace of life and the stronger bonds in relationships, but there are so many conveniences to living in the suburbs. There are pros and cons no matter where you live.

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