May 14, 2011


The Norcross Police Department is hosting a 5K CHUK Run event today as a fundraiser for United Cerebral Palsy of GA. At 8a.m. the 5K commenced from Thrasher Park down to FBC Norcross on North Peachtree Street, then returning back, going through Sunset and Longview doubling back to the Park. At 9a.m there was a Fun Run, then activities for the whole family from 10a.m. until 1p.m. at Thrasher Park.

This was my first race! I was so excited to run in beautiful, familiar territory as I had often run from Thrasher down North P'tree to Langford Rd and back (2.1 miles) while nursing Lily 2 years ago. I think that maybe 20-30 people raced at 8a.m. Rounding out the first mile I was the third runner with two men ahead of me. During the second mile another man and a young lady passed me so that I finished 5th overall and the second woman in 27 minutes. There were so many hills, all familiar, but still difficult. But I'm very pleased and excited at my performance. It was so much fun. I would definitely like to do more races in the future. Afterwards I got to mingle with a few of the other racers and talk with the Chief, who so graciously hired Jeramy twice. There were free doughnuts, sodas, bottled waters, coffee, bananas & oranges after the race.

I think that it was good to do a somewhat lower key race for my first. This is the first time that NPD hosted such a race and with rain clouds looming, it wasn't crowded. Plus, downtown Norcross is such a pretty, shaded run with beautiful houses and landscaping that it's not boring at all. Yay!

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Erin said...

Way to go, Meggan! Great job! :-)