May 16, 2011

Multitude Monday

601. I'm thankful for my breast pump! I'm thankful that I don't have to endure too much pain and discomfort when Shiphrah doesn't eat as much as I have. Or when she sleeps a long time and my milk supply needs to adjust.

602. I'm thankful and surprised that Shiphrah slept all night long without a feeding last night. It was so unexpected! I laid her down at 9:45p.m. and she didn't wake to feed until 8:30a.m.!

603. I'm thankful that I got a full night's sleep without interruption! It's so rare these days.

604. I'm thankful for my in-laws who were able to come up and visit us this past weekend.

605. I'm thankful for an excuse to run in beautiful, shady, historic Norcross.

606. I'm thankful that there was plenty of help to watch my babies while I could run in my first race.

607. I'm thankful that my first Studio Recital went so well! I've had students perform in recitals before, but this was the first time I've hosted one and I'm so pleased with everything.

608. I'm thankful that Lily didn't seriously injure herself while climbing on the church pews and bit her lip. When I saw the blood, I was concerned that she might have lost some teeth, but she only bit and bruised her lip.

609. I'm thankful that after more than 2 years, we've got only one child who is in diapers full-time. Lily is potty-trained! She and Moriah still wear something while sleeping, but I can't complain about that.

610. I'm thankful that we can now save up to buy a more serious violin.

611. I'm thankful that I didn't injure myself during the race while coasting down the hills.

What are you thankful for?

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