August 5, 2010

Book Review: Attitudes of a Transformed Heart

Martha Peace presents a true Scriptural approach to different attitudes that should characterize the believer in Christ. She doesn't beat around the bush or allow excuses when we adopt other ungodly attitudes, although she does show compassion, guidance and truth in love to steer the reader towards repentance of ungodly attitudes. Martha Peace provides the perspective of a High and Holy, Lofty and Exalted God and we as His children who are called to obey, love, honor and take joy in our Creator, Redeemer God. It juxtaposes faulty views that secular and evangelical psychological models provide with that which the Scriptures provide for counseling towards better attitudes .

This book has really been helpful in that it connects the Scripture which we read daily with the application of how it should be manifest in our daily thoughts and actions, much like a sermon or a personal counseling session. It is written from a woman's perspective with the intent of a female audience. Although any man would greatly benefit from such a read, he might be forced to create personal examples to which he can relate.

This book would be a great small group study because of the broad volume of Scripture all throughout the text. Within each chapter there are charts to help show the opposing views between the negative and positive attitudes. At the end of every chapter there are study/reflective questions that could foster group discussion. Also at the end of the book there are Salvation Worksheets that cover the Person and Work of Christ, the Doctrine of Sin, the Assurance of Salvation and the dynamic of Putting Off and Putting On.

My only criticism of this book would be that perhaps it did not pass through the editing process as finely as most other modern works. There are quite a few grammar mistakes, although the intent is not lost in the process.

Overall, I give this book an enthusiastic two thumbs up. And commend it to any other women who seem to struggle with applying the Scripture to a specific area of habitual sin with which they battle daily.

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Her more popular books include: The Excellent Wife and Becoming a Titus 2 Woman.

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