August 3, 2010

A Quote on Contentment

Contentment is an inward grace given by God that results in a mindset of being satisfied to stay in your circumstances for as long as God wills.

Biblical Principles on Contentment
  1. We can learn to be content no matter how tough things are because God will help us. Phil 4:11-13
  2. We are to be content with the necessities of life. 1 Tim 6:8
  3. Be content with what you have today. Focus on seeking God and pleasing Him. Matt 6:25 and 33
  4. A person who is content does not complain. 1 Cor 10:9-10 and Phil 2:14-16
  5. True contentment means we do not have to sin against God. Job 1:20-22 and Job 6:10

Martha Peace. Attitudes of a Transformed Heart. pp 165-167.

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