December 23, 2009

All I Want for My Birthday

I know that Christmas is coming and it's only a few short days away, but this was on my mind today as I was dashing off, here and there and all around the square, trying to get everything done in just 24 hours. Because my birthday is in February, I usually always ask for gifts I really wanted for Christmas and didn't receive. Anyway, I didn't hint for this at all, but I'll just make it known. All I want for my birthday is a REAL day, maybe just one day, of vacation.

A day with
no cooking,
no dishes,
no sweeping,
no mopping,
no laundry,
no diaper changes,
no potty runs,
no time constraints,
no errands to run,
no other obligations,
and no compulsory cleaning.

A day full of quiet moments at home
where I can rest,
or sleep,
or read,
or sew,
or practice,
or go shopping,
or go run in the park,
or gaze out the window,
or call old friends and catch up.

Just a quiet, leisurely day.

It would be nice to have a day off.

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The Shadburn Family said...

Lemme know, I'll take the girls... seriously!