December 11, 2009

Lily at 11 Months

Lily turned 11 months on December 4th and she is looking more and more like a little girl rather than a baby! Here she is with her Grand Daddy Dennis at Thanksgiving. Her disposition has definitely changed from that of a contented infant to a discontent toddler. :-) Although she remains the easiest to please out of the four of us. :-D

Another tooth, the eighth, has finally poked out through the bottom of her gums but there are no molars yet. Her favorite words are, "Ma Ma," (although she only says it while crying) and, "Ba Ba." She totally missed the "Da da" and Jeramy feels a little slighted as a result, but I think it's funny. :-)

She hasn't started walking yet. She's still learning to get her feet square underneath her body; most of the time her feet are so far apart they resemble a surfer. She will stand for a few seconds on her own and tonight she took the first step for a split second before falling to her knees! I'm not too sure if she will be walking by the time her birthday comes - I'll be taking bets on that later. :-)

Since she's moved in with her sister her sleeping has been much longer and more consistent! Jeramy and I are so thankful. Moriah gets less sleep, but they make up for it with two naps (when they are running Mommy errands) during the day. Getting Lily out of Mommy and Daddy's bedroom has been the best thing for most of us! :-D

Lily's growth is much more rapid than Moriah's. They both can wear some of the same size clothing (18 months). On Lily it's a little long and it just fits Moriah perfectly on the length, although I am clothing Mo with 24 month and 2T items. In just a little while longer, they will be sharing all of the same clothes in the exact same size - I can take bets on that too. :-)

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