December 12, 2009

Sewing Station

My Dad worked with wood as a hobby and made stools, furniture, decorative pieces and other little things with excellent craftsmanship. The sound of saws and the smell of sawdust is one of the fond memories of comfort that I get again with Jeramy. He is becoming a master builder too. :-) He made me these two sewing tables! One is for sitting at the machines to sew or serge and the other is for measuring and cutting. They are very solid and sturdy and will last the rest of my life and probably the girls' too. :-)

And for my first real project, besides covering the tables, is to make a real cover for the fireplace hearth. Currently we are using PODS moving blankets so that the girls don't injure themselves.

1 comment:

Lydia said...

The sewing tables look great! Hope you have fun sewing. Your first project sounds like a good one. We had to cover our hearth with quilts when ours were little, too.