December 4, 2009

Update: Par-Tay!

Tomorrow is the girls' joint birthday party. We're expecting about 55 people of whom about 30 will be 18 or younger! I'm very excited! Today I've been cooking and tomorrow we'll have a flood of people at our new house!

This previous Monday night I hosted about 6 families or so and we had about 32 people, including all the children and babies! This may sound crazy but, I loved having all the kids run around making lots of noise and for all the parents, our friends and church family, enjoying themselves and talking up a storm. Seeing all those kids run around from bedroom to den, back to the bedroom and outside and back in again, definitely brought to light a desire to have a full house all the time. I can't wait to have four, five, ten kids! It'll be great! :-) I also imagine how much more sanctified I'll be after going through all of the trials that may come in that time. Then I really will have a gracious heart. :-)

I'll post some pictures afterwards, I promise. :-)

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L. Siyam said...

Thank you so much for opening your house! We have surely enjoyed visiting you both times! :o)
ps. The Party was great!