March 15, 2010

Blacks an Endangered Species?: Digging For Truth

A Not-So-Silent Situation
An American Holocaust is occurring. It's happening right under our noses and with our full knowledge. It's going on behind closed doors and in open streets. We can see it in large cities and small cities all over the country. Mass murder is taking place by the millions each year. An unprotected group of people are being removed from the population.

Many refuse to believe that it's happening. They shield their eyes and choose to think about other things. Some know full well but decide that this is not a battle worth fighting. Others vehemently fight to allow it to continue based on some romantic ideal. And others, in an attempt to remain neutral, say it's not their battle to fight. We pick an excuse or create one of our own.

Only a select few actually see the carnage . . . the millions of dead bodies . . . the ones charged with disposing of them . . . in mass graves. It is covered up, so that the public can remain in ignorant bliss. If the public doesn't see it, then they can deny how widely it happens. They can resort to using philosophical arguments, opinions and personal preferences to advocate it's practice. But regardless of all attempts to stay uneducated and uninformed, the devastating results have already become evident.

While some elevate the democratic ideal above all other forms of government, it is this same form of government that won't give this unprotected group of people a vote. They are not allowed a voice. And in cases like these some take up a voice on their behalf because they have a passion for justice. It is this same passion that drove members of the underground railroad, abolitionists and soldiers - people who not only talked but laid down their lives for such a cause.

No More African Americans?
I'm speaking of abortion. After reading a post on Al Mohler's blog about the correlation between abortion and the population of the black community, specifically in Georgia, I became passionate at first but then I was driven to look closer at the actual data. The internet can be a very helpful place to find free information, but the reliability of said information is uncertain.

Depending on which sites you look it is very easy to allow oneself to be swayed by the bias. From the first reading it would appear that the black community is having so many abortions that we are wiping ourselves out and within a few generations, there would be no African Americans. And it doesn't stop there, most (not all) black people are pro-choice - they willing engage in ethnic suicide, as it's been called. Margaret Sanger has been labeled a racist eugenicist and her organization, Planned Parenthood, have been the objects of all pro-life advocates' hatred.

I was compelled to investigate all of these claims, having my own personal motivation of the status of "my people" (a totally different blog post) and trying to convert my pro-choice family members. I spent several hours of searching for answers and hard facts from what I thought to be respected reliable sources. In the end the statistics I found did not paint such a bleak picture.

The Hairy Numbers
Upon reading Mohler's post, I went to,, and besides reading the articles referenced in the post from the NY Times and LA Times. It was my goal to reference primary source data as much as possible. As Bound4Life sited the 2005 CDC statistics, I could not find them from the CDC website, but found them in The 2010 Abstract: US Census Bureau (Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces). I assume this is the best place for a thorough grasp of the actual reported numbers. Tables 80, 106, 99, 100, 113 show that white abortions still outnumber black abortions, percentage-wise but black fertility rates across the nation are higher (Table 80: Black 72.1/White 68.0 in 2006) but black infant mortality rates in Georgia are higher (Table 113: Black 12.9/White 5.8 in 2006). However, per 1,000 women, the percentage of black women getting an abortion is higher (Tables 99 & 100: Black 49.3/White 13.6 in 2005). This clearly indicates that black women are more inclined to have an abortion. It also shows that the black community should be growing each year (Table 80: showed 666,000 births and Table 106 showed 290,000 deaths in 2006. That's a 376,000 person growth in 2006 according to this data).

Black women are more than three times as likely to have an abortion than a white woman. The allegation that abortion clinics (specifically Planned Parenthood, PPFA) have been strategically located in low-income communities populated mostly by blacks may be true. I had a difficult time correlating the ethnic demographics with the specific locations of the PPFA clinics in GA. Upon reading about the Negro Project of PPFA, it has been said that the people, represented by black leaders, such as W.E.B. DuBois, actually requested they be placed there.

Margaret Sanger's articles and books are available to read for free online, linked through her biography on Wikipedia. I have read through 3 of her works (hardly a representative sample), and of what I read, there is no mention of the "feebleminded, morons, idiots," etc. being the whole of the black 'race'. There is no doubt she was a eugenicist. She viewed proper birth control through feminine hygiene as the only preventative to conception and abortion. She also urged the medical community to create a "miracle pill" contraceptive now known commonly as the Pill. I encourage you to read her own words for yourself.

And finally, from the Georgia Right to Life (Analysis of 2007 Stats for State and by County) and Planned Parenthood websites, I found that PPFA only has 5 clinics in the entire State of GA and that other facilities, most prominently, Summit Medical Centers, is the largest provider of abortions in Georgia. While PPFA claims to be the nation's largest provider of sexual and reproductive healthcare, that is not the case for GA.

The Assumptions & The Motives
Other sites and statistics may say otherwise, but I do not assume the final burden of proof. Any reader of internet websites make assumptions when they visit that the information is trustworthy, that the numbers represent an accurate accounting barring errors, that the survey is taken thoroughly and is evenly distributed across the survey area (i.e. U.S. or GA), that the majority of the actual numbers are reported, etc.

These billboards are a means of The Radiance Foundation to arouse African Americans to become angered and enraged at the amount of abortions taking place in the black community especially in Atlanta, Georgia. It's a cry for ethnic preservation. The motive is that most of the black community is pro-choice - of course, because they have so many abortions. If it were in my power to convince and change the hearts of my pro-choice family members to value the sanctity of human life at every stage, then I would do it in a heartbeat. But as long as the masses suppress the truth in unrighteousness, nothing short of divine regeneration is going to convince them otherwise. We still preach, we still stand, we still give charitable contributions, we volunteer, we give birth, we teach our children, we counsel, we adopt and do all we can to defend the most dangerous place on earth - the mother's womb - on behalf of those who have no voice.

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;
maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Rescue the weak and needy;
deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
Psalm 82:3-4


Leah said...


Very true. So many people don't realize or care about the number of innocent babies killed by abortions.

It is so sad.

But very true that there is hope and action that we can take. :)

Thanks for this thought provoking post to dwell and think on.



Lisa said...

Excellent post.

Lisa Q