March 1, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

After having surgery, I have a lot to be thankful for:

286. Everything went smoothly, by God's grace.
287. By God's grace I was enabled to keep a smile and pleasant attitude.
288. Throughout the course of the morning, all anxiety was relieved and I could smile with peace.
289. All of my surgical team were very kind.
290. I didn't have any extra medication: no narcotics, anti-anxiety meds - only the lidocaine for the bier blocker.
291. I didn't vomit the entire morning!!! (That's huge!)
292. I haven't had much swelling or pain since Friday's surgery.
293. I am so thankful for Mom watching the girls for two nights.
294. I am so very thankful for my Mother-in-Law who is able to come and help-never complaining with always such a willing, "whatever you need" attitude.
295. The prayers of my church family.
296. The meals ministry of my church family.
297. My mother-in-law's vegetable soup.
298. The bunk beds my Mother bought - so that our house guests have a more comfortable place to sleep.
299. Pain lessening with each passing day.
300. The ability to type this list, with little to no pain.
301. Hearing the baby's heartbeat before and after surgery.
302. Being able to shower without getting my dressing wet.
303. Subway sandwich after surgery.
304. Quiet naps.
305. Calls and emails checking in on me.

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The Shadburn Family said...

I'm glad everything went well. I was also glad to see (and hear) you singing on Sunday. Thanks for still being up there.